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Re-opening and staying safe

I am very excited to say, after looking at the government’s announcements, that I am open for business and taking bookings from the 12th April!

We will still take care to be safe and follow all the necessary precautions during sessions. Clients’ safety has always been a number one concern of mine and it will continue to be. And, of course, my flexibility and availability will be useful to everyone at this time and I hope clients and I can work together to make sure we are all happy and safe.

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Gift Vouchers – the perfect gift this year

What ever the occasion, who ever the recipient, a gift voucher from Photography by Helen is the perfect present for a loved one this year. Whether for Christmas, birthday, engagement, birth or just to say ‘you’re so special’ you can give your loved one the opportunity to create and save precious memories forever.

Create your own

Gift vouchers from Photography by Helen are totally customisable; you could choose to pay for a photo session, to pay for the package for someone after they’ve had a session or you could choose any amount that suits you to contribute to their experience. I will design and word the gift certificate clearly with what is included.

Delivery of your choice

You can decide whether to receive the gift certificate electronically yourself or have it sent directly to the recipient. You could also choose to have a hard copy supplied, beautifully printed, to give to your loved one in a more tangible form (this would be for a small extra cost). I am very flexible so we can talk about what would work best for your gift.

The Details

The experience is bespoke and we can create the perfect package for you to present, we will work together to make you perfectly happy with your gift. The Terms and Conditions will always apply. Gift vouchers can not be exchanged for other services or money once created. Certificates are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase, they will have an expiry date on them to be super clear. Any promotions applied when purchased will be included in the information on the certificate, other promotions are not applicable.

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3 Reasons not to let the weather put you off an outdoor photo session

An outdoor photo session is the perfect choice for whatever requirements you have – family photos, children’s portraits or personal headshots. There’s plenty of variety for backgrounds, lots of space to move around and chances to relax and have fun to create lovely, natural photos. However, you might be worried about the weather spoiling your opportunity. Here’s 3 reasons not to let that put you off:

1. We can style it out

We can easily adjust clothing and provisions to fit your needs if the weather is being tricky. If it’s cold we can add coats, blankets and woolly hats which will add really cute look to your photos. If it’s wet we can wear welly boots and use brollies for fun. If it’s sunny we can use the trees for shade, hats and water to keep cool.

2. Don’t worry about mess

I have picnic blankets with waterproof layers which will keep you dry and away from any mud. I also have some nice looking but heavy duty and great washable blankets which I always bring so you don’t need to worry about anything of yours getting too dirty. Mud streaks are often easy enough to edit out so if anyone should get a tad too messy; I can usually fix it.

3. Flexibility

If the weather is looking really grey, too wet or too cold then we can reschedule. I am very flexible and we can easily find another date which works for both of us and so rearrange your session to, hopefully, a more beautiful day. I’m a small business, and the benefit of that is that I concentrate on making my clients really happy individually and I have enough time to chat with you and book in another date as soon as possible.

So hopefully I’ve eased some of your concerns about outdoor photography. If you are interested in talking about your own session and how I can accommodate you then please to get in touch.

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5 ways to choose an outdoor photoshoot location in Leicestershire

It might seem difficult to choose a spot to have your outdoor photo session – but it doesn’t have to be! Here are 5 things to consider when deciding:

1. A special place for you

Is there a park or a walk you like going to quite a lot? Somewhere you have happy memories or somewhere you’ve always thought was beautiful? I have photographed families in the woods where the parents got married, in a park where they love to bring their kids to play and the young lady below chose this rocky area, near Warren Hills, as it is where she used to come and play as a child.

2. Think of the season

If it is spring is there somewhere with blossoms or pretty wildflowers? If is summer then a tall wildflower, poppy, grass or wheat field could be nice? If it’s autumn and the leaves are turning orange – woods would be really pretty. In the winter then more open hills would make the most of the light. The family below had a session in early autumn and chose a grassy field, in Coalville, to show the golden colours of the summer on its way out, preserving the memories of the break they’d enjoyed together.

3. Are there any features you like?

Have you seen a pretty bridge or a beautiful tree you’d like to incorporate in your photos? I can easily work with you and plan some photos which include features you suggest. The family below chose this lovely historic location, Abbey Park in Leicester, because they were moving away and wanted to take some special memories with them, we took photos with the ruins that they liked so much.

4. Consider how busy it might be

A lot of family photography necessarily takes place during the day at a weekend, so it might be worth thinking about how popular your location might be and whether it will bother or distract your family to have people around. I often encourage people to have their photo sessions in the later afternoon as the light is more pleasant, but it also lends to locations being a little bit quieter than earlier in the day. The family below chose a large park, Watermead Park in Leicestershire, so that even if there were other people around, it was easy to move away and find another picturesque spot to relax in and get their photos.

5. Think about variety and space

It’s often easier to be able to move around and have space to play and relax, this is helpful to stop children getting bored and gives lots of variety in your photos. The family below chose a country park, Beacon Hill in Leicestershire, with hills and trees and lots of space to have fun.

So there are my five tips for choosing a location for your photo session. But if you’re still unsure I can definitely help! Get in touch and we can chat through all your ideas and options together.

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What do I do?

Natural Outdoor Family, Children and Portrait Photographer in Leicestershire

Is the wordy but simple answer. But there really is a lot more to it!

Yes, I take photographs! I give directions and prompts to create natural moments and capture them with my camera.

I also edit the photos to show off the moment in the most beautiful way possible. This can be quick but can sometimes take a long time to get the details just right – I always want it to be perfect for you.

I am in touch with my clients, whether giving advice on outfits before their session, sending them a sneak peek afterwards or just chatting about ideas and fun times. I am always available to my clients for questions, queries and sharing.

While I’m not shooting I am planning for future sessions, drawing and writing poses and prompts to use. I am researching and gathering inspiration, I am learning and practising new editing techniques, I am discovering and shaping my style and I am networking and reaching out to people.

I also visit promising locations to increase my repertoire and confidence, testing out when and where the sunlight looks best and often roping my family into messing around in front of the camera for me.

And then there’s my website and blog, Facebook and Instagram which need updating and kept looking fresh.

I love, love, love what I do and the people I’ve met doing it. I hope this has given you an insight into not only what I do but what I can do for you!

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How to book a photo session with Helen

1. Take a look through my website, at the What I Offer and the Pricing Information pages in particular.

2. Message me on facebook, via my website or email. Let me know what kind of session you are interested in and ask any questions you have. I am really happy to chat through things with you.

3. Decide on a date, time and location. This will often include some back and forth between us to find something which will suit us both best. I am usually available and most flexible during weekends and school holidays. I will often encourage you to consider sessions later in the afternoon to catch the golden light before the sunset but this is only a suggestion. I have children so I totally understand you will know when a good time of day for them is. It’s great if you have a location in mind but I have some lovely ones I can suggest too, I can also advise on or investigate locations as some places may charge to have photography sessions on their grounds.

4. I will send over a Booking Form which includes my T&Cs this is when we confirm all the details and you pay your session fee.

5. I am available during all the time leading up to your session to discuss specifics and ideas, props and outfits etc.

6. Enjoy your photo session!

Contact me here!

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All about Photography by Helen

Family Photographer in Leicestershire

I’m so excited to welcome you to my website, I hope you enjoy looking around. I have loved photography for a long time and have been blessed to be able to share what I love with other people.

I live in North West Leicestershire with my husband and children. I spend a lot of my time on school runs, listening to reading books and removing stains and at the weekend I get to be creative with my camera – I love it all!

I love to take natural, touching portraits of families, little ones, couples and individuals who would like to capture memories to treasure. The outdoors is my favourite backdrop, especially as it allows us to have so much fun!

If you’d like to know more about booking your own session then please do Contact Me.