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What to wear for a spring photography session

It’s often one of the more stressful parts of organising your photo session – choosing the wardrobe! But really it can be much easier than some might think.

My tips are:

  1. Choose comfortable clothes which represent yourselves. You want to look like you in the photos so don’t buy new stuffy, smart clothes that you would never usually wear.
  2. Avoid heavily patterned items and large slogans, these will distract attention and make your photos look more dated in the future.
  3. Try to fit each members outfit into a colour scheme. Choose 3/4 colours and then a couple of items of clothing in those colours for each person in the group. Try to avoid having everyone overly matching. Scarves and other accessories are an easy way to add a pop of colour to fit in with the colour palate.
  4. Think of the season and the colours in the background. Try to choose colours which won’t blend in to the surrounding area, you want to stand out but compliment the colours in nature.

Spring clothes colour scheme ideas

In spring you want to avoid green as there is so much of it around, but you may want to mimic the other colours you see in the flowers and grasses around. Pastels work really well and for stronger colours navy, burgundy and grey compliment the green background you will have. White always stands out well and looks fresh and clean for springtime. Additions like straw hats or ‘natural’ coloured shawls and blankets would suit these colours really nicely.

And as always I am available to chat to prior to your session about what clothes you might want to wear – I’m only a message away!

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Re-opening and staying safe

I am very excited to say, after looking at the government’s announcements, that I am open for business and taking bookings from the 12th April!

We will still take care to be safe and follow all the necessary precautions during sessions. Clients’ safety has always been a number one concern of mine and it will continue to be. And, of course, my flexibility and availability will be useful to everyone at this time and I hope clients and I can work together to make sure we are all happy and safe.

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What do I do?

Natural Outdoor Family, Children and Portrait Photographer in Leicestershire

Is the wordy but simple answer. But there really is a lot more to it!

Yes, I take photographs! I give directions and prompts to create natural moments and capture them with my camera.

I also edit the photos to show off the moment in the most beautiful way possible. This can be quick but can sometimes take a long time to get the details just right – I always want it to be perfect for you.

I am in touch with my clients, whether giving advice on outfits before their session, sending them a sneak peek afterwards or just chatting about ideas and fun times. I am always available to my clients for questions, queries and sharing.

While I’m not shooting I am planning for future sessions, drawing and writing poses and prompts to use. I am researching and gathering inspiration, I am learning and practising new editing techniques, I am discovering and shaping my style and I am networking and reaching out to people.

I also visit promising locations to increase my repertoire and confidence, testing out when and where the sunlight looks best and often roping my family into messing around in front of the camera for me.

And then there’s my website and blog, Facebook and Instagram which need updating and kept looking fresh.

I love, love, love what I do and the people I’ve met doing it. I hope this has given you an insight into not only what I do but what I can do for you!

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All about Photography by Helen

Family Photographer in Leicestershire

I’m so excited to welcome you to my website, I hope you enjoy looking around. I have loved photography for a long time and have been blessed to be able to share what I love with other people.

I live in North West Leicestershire with my husband and children. I spend a lot of my time on school runs, listening to reading books and removing stains and at the weekend I get to be creative with my camera – I love it all!

I love to take natural, touching portraits of families, little ones, couples and individuals who would like to capture memories to treasure. The outdoors is my favourite backdrop, especially as it allows us to have so much fun!

If you’d like to know more about booking your own session then please do Contact Me.